Kerri D. Jarrett (Wyspianski)

Do you own a Hair Loss Clinic or Spa?

Hire a Trichologist

Looking to have help with assessments to find and rule out the candidates for the treatment you offer. I can help. I can come in on a pre-booked date and line up and meet all your clients. Save you time and money. Contact me directly to discuss how I can work as contractor in your space.

Fee varies on contract.

Trichology Hair Loss


Looking to discuss how you can bring in Trichology or Epigenetics into your practice or space? Book a private one on one to discuss your options or recommendations.

– Yes, I do offer business and marketing consultation or if you are wanting to move online.

Consultation fee is $115/hr.

Trichology Hair Loss: Kerri Jarrett


Want to bring Trichology or Epigenetics into your space? Looking for me to speak to your team?

Custom tailored to your salon or clinic needs and demands. Help open up new revenue streams. Inspire your team to have open discussions about this delicate topic of hair or scalp conditions. My goal for these talks are to inspire those to explore new revenue streams in the area of Trichology.

Price varies of topic and group setting.

Kerri Jarrett (Wyspianski)

Guest Write

Having been a professional ghost writer since 2012, I know how to write for the consumer. I love to research and write Essays and research papers. If you are looking for help writing your article or content in my field -I would love to help you out. I charge per word, and can tailor to your writing style, fee will vary on if it is a ghost writing service or using my name.

Kerri Jarrett (Wyspianski)

Guest Virtual Media

Online is my jam! I had my first website in 2002 believe it or not.
If you have a social platform you would like me to come step in I would love to join. I am a firm believer in working together to grow, and share our knowledge. If there is an opportunity you see where we can collaborate on or you want me to come talk on my niche I would love to join. Let’s discuss how we can work together in a. way it is beneficial to all active parties.