Cell Well-Being – epigenetic hair profiler

Cell Well-Being epigenetic hair profiler


Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

The Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis is a perfect complement to your practice. For wellness professionals there’s the opportunity to boost existing client knowledge with new and insightful information. Learn about what the informational environment can offer when it comes to addressing cellular weakness and effecting change in people.

This unique German technology was created by Cell Wellbeing to index the environmental influences of cellular weaknesses in the areas of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, EFAs, Antioxidants as well Food/Food Additives, Toxins, Microbiology and Electromagnetic and Extremely Low Frequency disturbances.

Who Can Benefit from an Epigenetic Hair Analysis?

  • Anybody who is serious about identifying and eliminating harmful toxins in their home and work environments
  • Men and Women who want to determine what nutrients their body needs, and which foods should be eliminated.
  • Individuals looking for custom-formulated IV therapies, nutritional packages, and detox programs.
  • An individual who is empowered to achieve VIBRANT health.

Want to join our growing international family of Environmental S-Drive users who are using this technology to improve their nutritional sales and services and the way that they do business. Simply direct message Kerri to learn more.

Cell Well-Being epigenetic hair profiler