Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your body, thoughts and feelings, and behaviour. Recognizing common stress symptoms and your triggers can help you manage them. Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to hair loss or discolouration and many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, to name a few. Studies have shown that short-term stress boosts the immune system, but chronic stress significantly affects the immune system that ultimately manifests an illness. Until we become aware of those stress factors, chronic stress can lead to serious health problems over time. Don’t wait until stress damages your health, relationships or quality of life.

I know stress all too well; I have a rare blood condition called Essential Thrombocythemia Jak2+** (AKA ET, it is an MPN*). Stress management is essential for me; my body keeps me accountable. I have no doubt my stress dis-ease is what contributed to this disease I have. And until I learned what they were, I have now been able to manage my ET and not have it control me. So now I call it my beautiful rude awakening – addressing the varied stress factors helps me own it, and it does not hold me.

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Over the years, I have explored a wide range of health care practices, including Western Medical and Naturopathic remedies, self-help literature, psychologists, lightworkers, to name a few. In addition, I delved deep into cognitive behaviours and Epigenetics. The result of exploring these venues was the awareness that the illness was caused by unresolved suppressed emotional trauma and stress. It brought me to the realization that ultimately it was up to me to do the inner work to heal and manage my stress contributors.

In addition, having been involved in many aspects of the hair industry for several years, I have played a significant role in many people’s pivotal moments; the good and the ugly. I learned how people manage stress and how it affects their health physically and mentally. I also observed people’s lifestyles, all while studying their natural hair growth, scalps, hair colour, and lustre, out of my curiosity. I discovered stress points and how they contributed to their hair and health. My take away was there were four categories of stress, along with subcategories within each:

epigenetic testing
  • Trauma – resident stress
  • In-take – food or medications
  • Physical – aches and pains
  • Mental – emotional pressure

I help with stress awareness and help people see things in a new light. 

If you would like to book a coaching session, we will go through a discovery session for stress awareness and create a specific coaching method for you.

You may also want to check out the Workshop I am working on called: The Y.O.U. Lab

*Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) are types of blood cancer that begin with an abnormal mutation (change) in a stem cell in the bone marrow. The change leads to an overproduction of any combination of white cells, red cells and platelets.

**Essential thrombocytosis is a chronic disorder, which means that it develops slowly over time. It increases the risk of blood clots and bleeding. Doctors don’t know what causes essential thrombocytosis, but some people with essential thrombocytosis have a change, or mutation, in the JAK2 (Janus kinase 2) gene.