Tips when Flat Ironing

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Tips When Flat Ironing

“Many people think that they can use a flat iron at the highest setting every day and have their hair look wonderful every day.” – WRONG!
Tips when Flat Ironing – A flat iron is a heated hair appliance, and like any heated hair appliance it should be used with care and thought.  Don’t believe everything that the manufacturers tell you.  With the new flat irons reaching temperatures of over 400 degrees plus, using your flat iron at the maximum temperature is not a good idea.  It could cause a great deal of damage…and no it is not the weather causing your hair to look icky or your stylist over processing your hair!  It is YOU – not taking caution when ironing your hair.  A flat iron can help control your gorgeous locks if it is used right, but if it is abused, it will fry your hair.

Here are my tips for using a flat iron safely and effectively:

  • All high-heat styling tools work better if you use light tension—that is, don’t pull too hard. For best results, use minimal tension while keeping the implement moving over the hair instead of resting it in one spot for too long.
  • Don’t use the flat iron every day. Use it between hair washes, but give your hair a rest.  Hair can only take so much.
  • If your flat iron is one of the newer models with an adjustable temperature setting that reaches over 400 degrees, don’t use your flat iron on the highest setting.  Using it on the highest setting every time you use it is like cooking on “broil” every time you use your oven.  Using it on the highest setting may get you the results you want in the near term, but eventually, your hair will break down and become “fried.”  Experiment with your flat iron to find the lowest temperature at which you will get your desired results.  
    • Temperature Needed / settings – depends on your hair texture and styling needs (here is a guide for the temperature you should be considering  based on your hair type):
      • Thick, Coarse, Curly: 380-410 degrees
      • Normal, Medium, Wavy: 360-380 degree
      • Thin, Fine: below 360 degrees
      • Also view: Plate material Ceramic, Titanium, Tourmaline…  (click here to read more)
  • Use a moisturizing hair product on your hair before you flat iron it, such as a serum or flat iron heat protecting spray.  This will help to protect your hair from the heat and will help the flat iron to glide more easily over your hair.
  • Flat iron your hair in small sections for best results.  The flat iron will work better if it goes over small sections of hair instead of large sections.
  • Treat your flat iron with care.  When storing it, don’t wrap the cord around it, and don’t hang it from the cord.  This may cause an electrical short in your cord which will shorten the lifespan of your flat iron.
  • As with almost anything else in life, you get what you pay for.  Invest in one of the higher quality flat irons for better results.  And make sure you watch for a good manufacturer’s warranty so you can replace it “if” it breaks.

The product below is my go-to spray for heat protection.

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