Maintenance – Caring For Hair Extensions

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Brushing hair extensions:

  • Brush through twice a day with a soft bristled brush.
  • When brushing hair, please start from the bottom and work your way up little by little, holding your hair with the other hand near the roots.
  • Do not comb hair from the top down as it may pull.
  • Respect your roots; NEVER comb your hair from the roots.
  • Detangling on your terms- Make your own detangling spray with sulfate free conditioner.  Simply mix 1-part conditioner with 2-parts water in a spray bottle and apply to the extension hair each morning.  Be sure to finger comb your hair before using a comb or brush.

Washing hair extensions:

  • Wash with a sulfate free regimen.
  • Wash as you need to, frequent shampooing may damage even the best extension hair. (Less shampooing will also help prolong your color).
  • Shampoo in warmer to cooler water rather than hot water.
  • Keep the hair clean, when dirt accumulates (including sweat) hair tangles.
  • Use good quality moisturizing hair products but avoid heavier conditioners at the root or around the bonds (will cause slipping).
  • When in the shower, take the time to run your fingers through your hair to work out any knotting at the root area.
  • Avoid oil slicks.

LONG HAIR TIP: use a regular conditioner at the root and a deeper conditioner at the ends of the hair to balance out the porosity.
Sleeping and Activities:

  • Tie hair back when sleeping to prevent pulling and tangling
  • Try to sleep on a satin pillowcase or wrap head in a satin scarf to avoid tangling.

Maintaining hair extensions style:

  • Hair applied is 100% human Remy hair so styles away just keep heat away from bonds as it could cause melting.
  • When blow-drying hold the dryer about 12” away from your head and sweep the entire head rather than focused heat.
  • When blow-drying use a cooler temperature when drying root areas.

Hair extensions dos and don’ts:

  • Do not use hot tubs or saunas as this can break down bonds.
  • Do not use heat on bonds
  • Do use a cool temperature hair dryer.
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair.
  • Do tie your hair back in a braid when sleeping or being active.
  • Do use a satin pillowcase.
  • DO wear a tight swim cap when swimming; swimming in heavily chlorinated water with fusion extensions can weaken the bond.
  • Do not pull or pick at your bonds.
  • Do your regular maintenance check (recommended every 6 weeks).

Hair extensions and sweat:

  • Do not sweat it is normal to lose a couple extensions during the lifetime of the extensions, just save the bond and the bond can be reapplied during next maintenance service.

Do not be alarmed – The average person loses anywhere between 50-100 natural hairs per day, keep in mind when your extensions have removed the hair that would have typically shed is secured within the bond when applied to the hair would not have naturally shed.  So it may seem like you are losing more hair but really it is the hair that you would have shed naturally.

For tips on caring for long hair visit Tips for Long Hair.

Here is a printable form to have on hand about maintaining hair extensions:

Maintenance – Caring For Hair Extensions

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