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A born leader, Kerri's skills exceed just hair, she also has a background in Marketing, Coaching, and Design.

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Kerri Jarrett, WTS

Thank you, and welcome to this part of the web. I am Kerri; I am a hair loss and growth specialist due to stress. I know all too well how difficult it can be to lose your hair and suffer from Psoriasis. I, too, have been down the path of finding answers and seeking advice from medical experts and the healing arts' unconventional practises. In 2008 I was rushed to the hospital to learn I had 80% of my lungs covered in blood clots (Pulmonary Embolisms),  and that was a whole new journey for me. This was a beautiful rude awakening being diagnosed with a MPN (Essential Thrombocythemia Jak2), which triggered my thirst for answers on top of the Celiac and Psoriasis. That diagnosis got me into investigating my lifestyle and how I can change my health. And to be honest made me more present.

Having been in the hair industry for most my life and a trained professional for more than over two decades, I learned how the mind works with a vast background in perceptions and cognitive behaviour. I have been a part of many people's pivotal moments, from both the good and the ugly, and noticed the patterns in people's lifestyles, and studied their natural hair growth, colour, and lustre.

Hair is my passion, styling, sculpting, hair & scalp health (Advanced Trichology); I have a wealth of knowledge when giving hair advice. Hair is a statement, it holds knowledge, and hair should reflect your true you.


I started my career at only 16 years old as an apprentice and have worn every hat you can imagine in the industry. Being a Journeyman industry professional and Licensed/Red Seal since 2004. I graduated from the Aveda Institute Victoria and have completed training in Advanced Trichology through the World Trichology Society; where I am also currently employed at-Learn more


Other certificates include Life Coaching in Stress Management, Cognitive Behaviours, REBT, and Perceptions. Business Administration, Marketing Diploma, various certifications in modalities such as energy work, healing arts, Epigenetics, plus numerous certifications, accreditation's, and acknowledgements in the Trichology and Cosmetology industries. 

Thank you for your time, as I know it is valuable. Time is not replaceable; money is; enjoy every present moment (after all, it is a gift).

More About Me

I am a mom of two, a wife, a warrior, and I love to learn new things, and my passion is hair and health. My husband and I met in the service industry. We have lived and worked all over Canada, not to mention his ventures away from Canada. We love to travel and try new adventures to us. He is a Trained Chef and I once was a Fine Dining Server; food is our enjoyment and gardening together, together we have a wealth of knowledge about food and nutritional tips.

I create and design jewellery for my mindful practise, and now have an accident jewellery business that helps keep my grounded and connected, called Sentimental Gems. I also Highland dance professionally to stay in shape.

Areas of Specialization

  • Hair Loss / Scalp Health

    Trichology is the medical term for the study of the hair (and scalp) and all problems related to them. A ‘trichologist’ is someone who specialises in hair loss problems such as baldness, hair breakage and itchy/flaking scalp. He or she will also treat all forms of alopecia.

  • Epigenetics

    Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.

  • Micro-pigmentation

    Scalp Micropigmentation (also known as SMP) is more than just a hair tattoo. It's a popular non-surgical hair loss treatment between the hair regrowth coaching.