Trichology Assessment

IN-PERSON $150    |     VIRTUAL $125

Trichology Assessment Virtual or In-Person: In order to determine an appropriate hair loss or scalp condition treatment, it is necessary to first identify the specific cause(s). During your comprehensive trichological evaluation with full case history, specifically detailing health, diet, stress, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental influences on your hair and scalp we will be discussing possible causes, and then suggesting treatments or solutions that will help improve your condition and appearance. Learn more


Trichology Hair Loss

Epigenetics Session


Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment (stress) can cause changes that affect your genes’ work. Strands of hair with their bulbs contain a wide range of historic Homeostasis and Epigenetic information concerning the metabolic parameters such as amino acid demands, vitamins and mineral stresses, omega fatty acids requirements, sensitivities due to certain foods or exposure to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF), or toxic loads from the environment. Learn more